Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Creators of Superheroes...

who have a heightened sense of smell are men or women who have never been pregnant. I know this because a heightened sense of smell is one the worst things about pregnancy. Even the most beautiful smell in the world, is also the worst smell in the world if it is amplified by a million. No one would ever want such a 'superpower' if they knew how it felt. No one.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Video Game Love; A Happy Story.

I played my first video game at the age of 8. It was Pong and, I'm not going to lie, I remember being pretty good...eventually. At the age of 9, due to some country swapping, there was a video game drought in my life. It was a hard year. Things were rectified when I met some people who owned a Nintendo, and I entered the world of the Mario Brothers and Zelda. Although, thoroughly in love, I did not own my own console, so my gaming was sporadic and therefore I couldn't become thoroughly obsessed. This was rectified when my parents finally bought a PC. Soon my sister and I were fighting over who's turn it was playing Commander Keen, Wolfenstein 3D, Duke Nukem, Stunts, and our father's personal obsession, Sky Shark. Time passed and we eventually bought a Nintendo, about a decade after it came out, just to get the Mario Brothers and Zelda out of our system. A copy of that pesky Friday the 13th came along with it (which we never wound up beating, and NOT from a lack of trying! For those who share my pain on this topic, you can watch the ending here). By this time I am in high school, and we upgrade our computer (old games still work. Phew!). Half-Life and many more such wonderful games with, at the time, amazing graphics get added to my small but steadily growing library.

The end of a century comes around, and I start university. No time for games. Adulthood starts. Time to become responsible and focus on my future. I focus on my future, as he walks into the computer lab. His name is Patrick, and he is a gameaholic. We quickly fall in Diablo II love. We spend the next few years battling a life of homework vs games, and finishing school just in time to enter the WoW universe. We take regular short trips into the land of Steam to visit HL2, Portal and many others, until our Steam vacations become a Steam permanent residence. With WoW behind us, we get hitched, pop out a few major consoles, and currently live a happy life of cross platform gaming. L4D2, Portal 2, Dead Island and many more are keeping us warm at night.

To be continued...
...when we make some baby gamers.

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Makes me want to do crazy things. Typically smash things. Also, I noticed it makes me angry. Yes, those two things are mutually exclusive. I have had urges to smash things without being angry. Perhaps I will start trying to drink decaf to lower the hate, but still enjoy the taste. Surprisingly decaf espresso actually tastes very similar to regular espresso.

That is all. I will now return to controlling my desire to throw some plates around while working.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

In the middle of the bible belt...

...and still feeling like I am right at home. 'How?', you many be thinking. Starbucks. No matter where I am, Starbucks is always the same. The drinks taste the same, the atmosphere is the same, the baristas have a similar look about them. Typically, I find that not to be a good thing. When I visit a new place, I like to experience the local establishments; see what people do differently based on their geography. And Oklahoma City was no exception. At first I went searching for local gems and found a couple very delicious places that I wish I could bring back home with me. But sometimes you get home sick, so I made the long trek over to a local Starbucks (they are pretty scarce downtown OKC). Stepping out of the inferno that is the OKC weather and into the Starbucks store, I felt like I just stepped through a teleporter and wound up back in TO. Sometime that is a good thing because as much as I hate Toronto, I also love Toronto.